All recognized companies have an history. Ours began in 1955 at Quebec city and carried on from father to son, project by project. Under the mark of quality. Following the same mentality, Select Masonry inc., a subsidary of Gervais Jacques inc. was created in 1997. Our office is located in Miami, Florida where it expands its activities.

Gervais Jacques inc. has a desirable reputation in his field. From restoration of ancient buildings to new constructions with material such as natural stone, clay brick or concrete blocks. Our expertise expands to all masonry activities.

With a broad experience, our methods are improved and we exercise our knowledge in diversified masonry activities. But we have a constant: a quality of work and skilled labor.

Only few companies combines tradition and modernism, youth and experience, versatility and specialization. All of these characteristics make the strenght of Gervais Jacques inc.